Video: Anti-Gun “PSA” Tells Kids to Steal Guns


Video: Anti-Gun “PSA” Tells Kids to Steal Guns

As if I needed another reason to dislike plinking piano music, this moronic (and probably criminal) anti-gun video is rife with it. If you don’t wish to subject yourself to that (you can watch it down below), I’ll save you the misery:

A teenage boy is shown furtively observing his mother as she peacefully reads on the sofa. He then sneaks upstairs, helps himself to his mother’s dresser drawer, and takes out a pistol. He then takes it to his room and puts it in his backpack, and lies down on his bed.

Crowds of children, including our young thief, enter a school classroom. The mournful piano plaintively instructs us to be sad and wary. We are supposed to wonder when the light-fingered teen is going to pull the gun and shoot everybody down. As class proceeds, books are removed and replaced in his gun-totin’ backpack.

After class is dismissed, he approaches the teacher’s desk after everyone else leaves, and pulls the gun. Oh no! Shock and awe!

Not really.

Actually, he just lays the handgun on the desk (we are supposed to be surprised that he did not commit a crime with it) and says, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

Then, a feel-good slogan appears on the screen: “Our children deserve a safe world.”

Well, duh. That’s why his mother had a gun–to keep them safe!

Then, against a backdrop of school lockers, another text slogan says STOP GUN VIOLENCE NOW.

A worthy goal. A more worthy goal would be to stop ALL violence now, a goal that will not be attained via this video.

It’s a terrible message for children: Deceive your parents, steal their guns (illegal), do not even check to see whether they are loaded, toss them into your bag, take them to school (illegal), tote them around surreptitiously, then give the stolen gun to someone with no legal authority to “take it away” or even to touch it.

I sincerely hope that no child decides to follow that example.

So sad.

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