Shootout at Women’s Gun Shop “She’s a Pistol” Leave One Dead, Several Injured


Shootout at Women’s Gun Shop “She’s a Pistol” Leave One Dead, Several Injured

Shawnee, Kansas – Sad news from Kansas: A respected business owner is dead as the result of an armed robbery attempt at the gun shop he co-owned with his wife, reports the Kansas City Star.

The local gun shop called “She’s a Pistol” caters to women shooters, offering training and advice to empower them with the ability to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, the ability for self-defense was made necessary when four armed men entered the shop with violent intent.

A witness saw three hoody-wearing men enter the shop carrying a duffel bag at about 2:10 PM and thought they looked suspicious. When she saw one of the men raise his arm as if to fire a handgun, she called 911.

Inside the shop, the fight was on. Details are scarce, but sources reported that one of the bad guys struck co-owner Becky Bieker in the face, and that triggered the shooting. We don’t know who fired first, but police said that many rounds were fired.

When the dust settled, two scumbags lay bleeding and two others had run away. One of the runners was injured by a gunshot, and the other was apparently unhurt.

Store co-owner Jon Bieker and the two crooks who didn’t make it out were taken to the hospital in critical condition. In the saddest note of an unhappy tale, Mr. Bieker passed away due to his injuries.

All of the robbers survived.

Mrs. Bieker’s condition was not reported.

The two runners shed clothing as they fled, “a sweatshirt here, a hat here, a pair of shorts here,” enabling police to track them.

At one point they tried to get into someone’s house, but after they knocked on the door the resident become suspicious and called 911. Police with a dog were already within 100 yards of her home when she made the call. Police found the bad guys hiding in a screen porch and arrested them.

With so many good, reasonable ways to make a living, why do some believe it is their right to hurt and kill other people in order to take away the things for which those people worked? I will never understand that.

Nor will I ever understand the willingness to end someone’s life, to take away a person from those who dearly love them, just for the sake of things.

We at send our sincerest condolences to Mrs. Bieker and the rest of Jon Bieker’s family and friends.

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