flexSHOT Shotgun Shell Holder From Fold ’em Gear


flexSHOT Shotgun Shell Holder From Fold ’em Gear

The flexSHOT shell holder from Fold ’em Gear caught my eye at the 2015 SHOT Show Range Day, so I gave it a try.

It holds as many as three 12 gauge shotgun shells, 2.75″ to 3.5″ long. The front end of each shell is slipped into a keeper, which is essentially a plastic hole, and is secured in place by a magnet that latches onto the shell’s rim when you slip the rim into a slot made for it.

A Velcro strap allows the user to strap it to his or her arm, thus keeping spare shells very handy. I could see myself using it on the dove field, when the birds are coming fast and I need to feed my over/under shotgun quickly.


It’s also useful for shotgun competitions like three-gun. A shooter can keep long-range shells in the Flex Shot (aka flxSHOT) and feed them into the scattergun as needed.

Check out the Fold ’em Gear website for more info. They also have a simplified duck decoy jerk butt system and are working on a shotgun shell container to keep your shells from getting wet and skanky while hunting waterfowl.

Update: Check out this Review of the Flex Shot (flxSHOT).

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