Launching a Grenade with the LMT M203


Launching a Grenade with the LMT M203

I stopped by the LMT booth at the SHOT 2015 Range Day, but I didn’t shoot any of the rifles. Why? Because, aside from some nifty color options, they didn’t have any LMT rifles on display that I don’t already own a version of. I did, however, get to shoot a grenade launcher: LMT’s M203 mounted on an L2H1PG frame assembly.

The frame assembly has a leaf sight mounted on top of a picatinny rail, and its function is to give you a way to shoot the M203 without having to first attach it to the underside of an M4 (i.e. the standard way to shoot it).


I’m definitely not cut out for a career as a¬†grenadier. It’s not so much that I missed the target. Rather, I missed the entire range. I managed to lob the grenade all the way over the range’s distant backstop. Oh well, there’s always next year.

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