FYI, the Bulletproof Cap is For Real


FYI, the Bulletproof Cap is For Real

Last month, I wrote about a new bulletproof baseball cap that’s in the works by BulletSafe, a company that makes and sells low-cost bulletproof stuff.

Many commenters nixed the idea out of hand, saying that it offers too little protection, that you’d get a concussion, fractured skull, etc. Some even claimed that it wasn’t a real product. So I stopped by the BulletSafe booth at the SHOT Show yesterday, and talked with company president Tom Nardone.

He confirmed that the bulletproof cap is real and said it will be available by November 2015, if not sooner. His initial $3,500 Kickstarter goal has already been far surpassed – it was at $10,744 when I wrote this.

Will a bullet hitting one of these caps cause a concussion? In Tom’s words, “I don’t know.” But really, would you rather have a concussion or a gaping hole in your skull?

The idea is to protect the top front of your skull. This is not, and never will be, a helmet. If you need a helmet, get one. But if your job puts you where a bullet might come your way, you wear a cap, and a helmet’s not practical, why not opt for whatever protection you can get?

Tom said that after testing, the cap will probably be rated safe for up to 40 S&W, maybe higher – but that’s just a guess and we won’t know about it until testing is done.

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