Nelson Paint Company’s “ScentBurst” Products Attract Game in the Field


Nelson Paint Company’s “ScentBurst” Products Attract Game in the Field

Anyone who ever played Paintball in the 80’s or the 90’s has probably heard of the Nelson Paint Company. This Michigan company’s paint products for the wildlife and forestry industries became the tech that led to the popular sport of paintball. In the ’80s their Nel Spot 007 pistol, originally developed to mark trees for foresters, became the world’s first marker for what was originally called “The Survival Game.”

While the Nel Spot 007 is long out of production, the Nelson Paint Company continues. In addition to their boutique line of paintballs for games, they offer a line of products for the hunter.

The company’s ScentBurst products are designed to either attract game animals for hunting or repel dangerous predators, such as bears. In this video from the 2015 SHOT Show, Nelson Paint Company rep Mike Edwards goes over the details of the ScentBurst products and explains how hunters can use them in the field.

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