Two Wheel Therapy Across Southeast Asia


Two Wheel Therapy Across Southeast Asia

This man filmed a motorcycled trip across Southeast Asia and talked about it on Reddit.

He was asked about a reasonable price to pay for a Honda or Lifan, what essentials he took on the bike, and any dangers he encountered. His response,

Honda win 110: $200 – $350. All very beat up. Go to shop (there is one ever 5 km no matter where you are) and get brakes and the like fixed up. Reliable and sturdy

Lifan 125cc: $400 – $500. Can only be bought in major cities and can be hard to find. Very good bike, feels like a real motorcycle

From the states bring: helmet, backpack, first aid, good boots

No super scary moments. Was by myself mostly and went down 3 times. Some mild scrapes ect. Rural people incredibly friendly with the exception of some ethnic minority groups in northern Vietnam who are not so keen on travelers. Still extremely interesting. People very willing to help even in poor areas. Lost wallet so wear a fanny pack at all times

Has anyone taken a similar trip in the past? What list of essentials would you bring on a cross country motorcycle trip?

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