Colorado Magazine Ban Repeal May be Squashed by Democrats


Colorado Magazine Ban Repeal May be Squashed by Democrats

In Colorado, some lawmakers are reportedly trying to undo damage that was done in 2013, when knee-jerk reactions allowed the Democratically-controlled state congress to pass a number of Draconian anti-gun laws. The freedom-crushing laws infuriated many Colorado residents, causing them to recall two state senators and trigger the resignation of another while a recall was under way.

None of that stopped the laws from being enacted, and it was far too little, much too late.

The 2013 anti-gun laws also caused Colorado to lose jobs and business and triggered Magpul industries to pull up stakes in Colorado, taking its large and growing magazine and firearms accessory business to Texas and Wyoming. Nice job, libtards.

One of the least popular measures in the controversial gun control package is a ban on ammo magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds of ammo. Recently, the Colorado state senate passed Colorado Senate Bill 175, which would repeal the magazine cap.

Contrary to what many will tell you, this does not ban “high capacity magazines.” There is no iron-clad definition of what capacity is “high” and what is “low,” and 30 rounds or more is often a “standard” capacity for a given firearm.

Sadly, a Democratic majority in the state house may ensure defeat there, as they have already squashed one repeal attempt.

Predictably, opponents of the repeal played on fears and emotions, using props such as “an easel bearing pictures of victims of the 2012 attack at the Aurora theater.”

Colorado Democrats blindly cling to the notion that criminals obey the law; Sen. Michael Merrifield (D) said, “Perhaps we can make it more difficult for those who are evil to do damage.”

More sensibly, former Weld County sheriff Sen. John Cooke (R) held a magazine in his hands and said, “It’s an inanimate object. This is not evil. What is evil is in the hearts and the minds of men, and that’s what we need to work on.”

Well said, Senator.

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