Video: A Steampunk Gatling Gun – That Works


Video: A Steampunk Gatling Gun – That Works

This video opens with a cool-looking pseudo-gatling gun, clad in copper and bristling with pop rivets and venting steam from tiny chimneys.

It’s actually dry ice and water, but it looks good.

At the heart, it’s a Ruger 10/22. The gun’s action is mostly hidden away inside the copper container.

There’s a round array of seven copper “barrels,” which are powered by an electric motor that operates independently of the crank that¬†operates the gun’s trigger. If you watch closely, you can see the guy switch the barrel-rotating motor on and off with his left thumb.

Clearly, the spinning barrels are purely for decoration like almost everything else on the thing. As near as I can tell, it fires through the center “barrel,” a simple length of copper pipe around which the others rotate.

There’s no way it weighs 60 pounds, as the fellow in the video claims.

But hey – it looks fun!

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