Rogers Super-Stoc AR15 Stock Review


Rogers Super-Stoc AR15 Stock Review

When I run across products that do not follow the same beaten path and solve ongoing problems in an elegant way, I start clicking away on the keyboard. What got me all excited was picking up my new Mennie Machine Company (MMC) AR15 and finding a tight rock solid cam locking stock I had never heard of before.

It turns out that the gun features the $75 Rogers Super-Stoc, which delivered something I had only seen before in stocks priced well over $100 with a matched buffer tube. This was something unique, a truly tight, rattle free stock that would easily glide between settings. I liked it so much I picked one up for my Black Rain Ordnance AR15 as well.

Fit, Finish, and Features

The fit and finish on the Rogers Super-Stoc is every bit as good as you would find on Mission First, Magpul, or Mako, and it includes extra sling mounts, two integrated QD-sling mounts, and a removeable butt pad. The stock itself is also lighter than most comparable stocks.

The Rogers Super-Stoc is also designed to survive a 3-foot drop with a fully loaded weapon. Of note, some standard OEM stocks will not survive this test. If you had ever had a stuck bolt and needed to jackhammer the buttstock against the ground to free the bolt, you will like the confidence that a strong stock design provides.


The significant features unique to the Super-Stoc design are the included shims to allow the stock to fit smaller Mil-Spec, Larger Commercial buffer tubes, and all the other loosely spec’ed buffer tube variants. Swap out the shim for a reasonably tight buffer to stock fit, then the cam-lock takes over the rest. The Roger Super-Stock offers the unique innovative adjustable cam-lock system, which completely locks the stock down tight to the buffer tube. This system totally eliminates any rattle or wiggle and can even add strength to the overall stock/buffer tube union.


The Cam-Lock system is very simple: pull up to lock the stock in place and snap it back down to use the Quick-Release lever to change the stock position. If you are a lefty, you can even switch the cam lock to the other side.

I have tested and used a lot of stocks, and this is the ONLY adjustable buttstock that does not rattle or wiggle. Most of the time I either use a couple strips of electrical tape to take up the slop or simply throw my hands in the air and buy a matching buffer tube and stock set. The Rogers Super-Stoc skips that whole fiasco and delivers a more stable shooting platform.



Final Thoughts

Bill Rogers does a great job demonstrating his Super-Stoc in the below video, but what impressed me was that for $75, his stock does something no other stock does at any price, which is to deliver a wiggle/rattle-free fit. After testing the stock on the MMC AR15, I added one to my custom Black Rain Ordnance custom Fallout-15, which was a huge improvement over the rattly OEM Magpul stock. For $75 or maybe a little less out on the street, the Roger’s stock in my opinion is the best adjustable stock you can put on your AR15 period.


  • $75 Retail
  • Weight 7.3 oz,
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