TUOR Backup Rifle Sights


TUOR Backup Rifle Sights

Magnified optical sights are awesome. They make aiming more accurate, faster, and easier. Unfortunately, magnification also reduces angle of view, and higher power scopes can’t focus very close. Since zoom optics that start at 1 power (no magnification) tend to be quite heavy and expensive, a secondary sighting system is often used as a work-around for close-in self-defense. The secondary can be a small red dot, rudimentary iron sights built into the top of the scope, or a full set of iron sights set up to go around the main optic.


TUOR multi-axis sights made by WM Robots are a little more flexible than the competition. Besides the folded and deployed positions suitable for co-witnessing with red dot sights, they also tilt left and right. Unusually, they tilt at 65 degrees rather than the typical 45, which allows the sight picture to clear protruding adjustment drums of scopes.


Left side deployment is quickest and easiest, with the shooter keeping the head straight in the manner of a BREN gunner. There is a slight parallax with the bore results, but the offset is minimal and usually of no significance. However, this hold requires a high stock position on the shoulder and doesn’t work well with hearing protection muffs in place.


Fractionally slower, the 65 degree roll to the left allows right-side sighting. No horizontal parallax here! Right-side sighting is probably more practical for right-handed shooters as it keeps the sight from clicking out of position from impacting on the user’s load-bearing vest while the weapon hangs on the sling.

The rear sight has two same-plane apertures selected by flipping of the paddle. Large aperture is, effectively, a ghost ring, while the small aperture allows more precise sighting while still admitting a fair amount of light. In addition to the mounting shown, the TUOR sight may be placed on one of the side rails, for which additional 110 degree angle of articulation is provided. Elevation is adjusted on the front post with the standard AR15 sight tool, while windage is adjusted on the rear sight with a knurled thumb-wheel.


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