Be Sure to Inspect ATV Tires before SHTF


Be Sure to Inspect ATV Tires before SHTF

When is the last time you checked the tires on your ATV, UTV, or other farm/ranch/hunting vehicle? I am betting it has probably been a while, at least since maybe last hunting season. Take a few minutes and inspect them now.

A couple of hunting seasons ago, I neglected to check the air pressure on my ATV tires in a rush to get to hunting camp. When I unloaded the Honda 450ES down the tailgate ramp, I noted one of the tires looked low when the machine was sitting on the concrete floor under our cabin.

Well, one ride to the woods and back told me all I needed to know. There was definitely a leak in the tire and it was quickly going flat. I was nowhere near any place to repair an ATV tire as the closest dealer was 40 miles away. At least the nearby rural town had a small supply store that sold the tire repair kit in a can. I actually hate using those, but this was an emergency.

Well, the sealant and air in the can did the job for that weekend in two ways. It repaired and aired my tire back up, but it also taught be a valuable lesson. That was not to neglect my primary equipment just because I was rushed to get out of town. Now, I do an ATV review days before I leave for camp.

This starts with rolling the ATV out of the garage, where I can easily get close to each tire to check the air pressure. If your ATV sits up for even a short time, even a couple months at a time, then the tires are going to lose pressure. I use a simple tire tool to check the air pressure and a bicycle type hand air pump each time back up to about 4.0 pounds. I scan the tires for any cuts or damage, too.

This simple periodic check may save you a flat tire in the woods. For that reason, I now keep a repair can in the ATV tool box just in case. Before you head to the woods to ride your ATV, start the machine inspection with airing the tires back to factory specs and check them for wear and tear.

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