With Knife to Throat, Grandma Says, “You back off, or I’ll blow your head off.” Guess Who Won?


With Knife to Throat, Grandma Says, “You back off, or I’ll blow your head off.” Guess Who Won?

Fort Worth, TX – Don’t mess with Texas. Or Texas grandmothers.

A man learned that lesson after he approached 74-year-old grandmother Jewell Turner as she sat in her van while waiting outside a doctor’s office. He reportedly walked up to her van, tapped on her window, and asked for directions.

After a short and friendly conversation, Mrs. Turner turned her head. That’s when the crook placed a knife against her throat.

“I don’t want to hurt you, but I want your money. And I will hurt you if I have to,” said the dirt bag. Turner told him she had very little money (she later counted up $1.62 in change), but he demanded everything she had in her purse.

It was just the reminder she needed, because her purse contained a knife and a handgun, a sub-compact pistol. She chose to grab the handgun and use it to defend herself.

“I just reached down, got the gun, and turned around, and pointed it to his face. And I told him, I said, ‘You back off. Or I’ll blow your head off.’

“And his eyes got big and he just backed up, and took off walking down the street like nothing happened.”

The grandmother did just the right thing in the moment, but she was deeply frightened and the incident left her shaken.

“It’s the most devastating, scary thing you’ll ever have in your life,” she said, her voice quavering. “It scares you to death.”

She is also quoted as saying, “This let me know there is a dark side. I noticed there was a dark side in me, too. Because when I first pulled that gun on him I actually wanted to shoot him. But I stopped and thought about it.”

Good job, Grandma.

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