SC Church Killings, Gun Free Zones, and Hate


SC Church Killings, Gun Free Zones, and Hate

By now, you probably know more than you’d care to about Dylann Roof, the young man who murdered nine people in a widely-reported attack at a South Carolina church. Such as: He supposedly wanted to start a race war; Obama and his ilk want to use this to make another attempt at disarming Americans; the killer is white and the victims are black (I say they’re all Americans and color shouldn’t matter, but I seem to be in the minority–pun/irony intended).

But there may be some things that you don’t know because it doesn’t help the agenda of statists (those who wish for the government to disarm us and run every aspect of our lives).

To begin with, the criminal in question here is, and was, a criminal. It was already illegal for him to have a gun. That means that laws already in place failed to prevent him from getting a gun.

No new law would have prevented him from getting a gun.

Speaking of laws, this murder which left six women and three men lying dead was committed in a “gun free zone.” The law prohibits the general public from exercising the right to armed self-defense in that area.

Anti-gunners would have you believe that gun-free zones are safe havens where no bad ol’ guns can come. But once again, we see that criminals ignore laws. And so he toted a gun into a “gun-free zone” and did his filthy work.

Anti-gun laws failed again.

Laws fail us every day, and I contend that they will continue to do so. The real problem is not one of legislature.

It is highly illegal for people to kill one another. They do it anyway, using knives, rocks, hammers, axes, clubs, guns, poisons, vehicles, tanks, bombs, and many other methods. Laws strictly prohibit murder–but murder continues to happen.

I believe the reason is a lack of respect for human life caused by an absence of basic morality that is becoming worse as time goes by.

How to cure it? Turn back to the basic rules of civilized conduct. The Ten Commandments sum it up very well, in my opinion–and you don’t have to believe in God and the Bible in order to agree that Commandments 5 through 10 make good rules for respectful, non-murderous behavior.

I guess what I’m calling for here is civility and common sense. Haters gonna hate, they say, but the fewer haters, the better. Don’t hate the gun. Don’t hate the white guy. Don’t hate the black church.

If you must hate something, hate the laws that disarmed the victims, and hate the kind of government that would use grisly crimes to create more such laws.

And don’t be afraid to stand up for your rights when haters attempt to use this to further restrict us. Taking guns away from you will not make you safer. What if someone in that church had been armed? What if you had been there?

If I had been there, I would have been terrified. I would have been praying fervently. I would have wanted the ability to protect the lives of my loved ones and myself.

I would have wanted a gun.

No one should have to die because the government decided they were not to be trusted with the means to defend their own lives.

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