How to Shop for Survival Food?


How to Shop for Survival Food?

The last time I bought a palette of Mountain House long-term storage food, I just thought “I’ll shop around for the cheapest place to get a year’s supply shipped.” That was a one-off thing that I did to jump-start that particular area of my prepping–an area that I had always been deficient in. But in the future I’d rather buy a bit at a time, scoring deals here and there, and building my stash up as I go.

So I throw this question out there to all the preppers and survivalists in the audience: how do you go about buying survival food? What’s your preferred method of shopping for it? Do you shop by number of servings, by calories, by dollars per calorie? What sized batches do you buy in? Do you care about things like gluten free or vegan, or are you just looking at bang per buck? How big a factor is the brand?

Ultimately, what I’d like to learn is how serious preppers shop for survival food. Please drop and tips or insights into the comments, below.

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