PSA: How to Properly Grip the IWI Tavor


PSA: How to Properly Grip the IWI Tavor

I’ve been to two SHOT Shows now where I’ve spent some time on Range Day at the Tavor booth, and in both instances I got a few minutes of free, hands-on training from former IDF guys on how the Tavor is was designed to be gripped. I really like the Israeli-style grip that they teach people, but interestingly enough I’ve been able to find only one YouTube video that demonstrates it.

You’ll have to fast forward to 1:14 to see the Israeli grip, and the video also includes a brief clip of Amihai Dekel from IWI in Israel demonstrating the Israeli grip at SHOT (this starts at 1:57).

Again, I’m surprised that you just don’t see the Tavor being shot this way on YouTube. Even the great Jerry Miculek holds his in a American-style grip, which I guess is not that surprising given that he has such a massive amount of trigger time with the AR-15.

I don’t yet belong to the Tavor owners’ club, but I hope to rectify that this year or the next. And when I do, I plan to start training the Israeli grip with it. I got a lot better results at the range with that grip than I did with a regular AR-style grip.

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