Harbor Freight Prepping


Harbor Freight Prepping

What if you could go to a single source outlet for a great deal of your prepping equipment and supply needs? It can definitely a hassle to shop numerous shops, stores, and outlets to find everything you need or want for your SHTF prepping and/or a formal Bug Out plan. It is nice to have just a few places to go where much of the gear and stuff you need can be bought at one place. This place could be Harbor Freight.

The issue also becomes levels of quality of the prepping goods you need to buy plus the costs of these products. There is cheap and super cheap, just like there is expensive and super expensive. Cost alone does not always guarantee quality. Unfortunately I have spent some reasonably big bucks on some name brand prepping gear items that turned out to be crap, real crap. That is a shame, but it is reality. This has made me much more cautious in what I buy.

This only means whatever you shop for or buy to inspect it and run some info searches on it to see reviews and what others are saying about the products. Do your due diligent homework.

As I sit here, I am looking at an ad I ripped out of a national outdoors magazine for Harbor Freight. I have been to the local store and bought several items, which by the way have proven quite useful, reliable, and of sufficient quality-cost balance to make me go back again.

As for prepping gear, just in this one advertisement for example, I see a camo tap for $5. There is a 4-piece ratchet strap set for $8. Mechanic’s gloves are only $4. I see a 21-piece tool set for $18. There is also a 20% off coupon for anything in the store. Almost all of their ads have a discount coupon plus some items that may be free with a minimum purchase.

Stroll around a Harbor Freight store just to look. You will find a plethora of tools, hammers, hatchets, axes, saws, gas powered electric generators, tarps, covers, elastic straps, storage boxes, mover’s dollies, air compressors, tool carts, and loading ramps, and this just barely scratches the surface.

With 400 stores nationwide, there should be one near you. This outlet could be a best buy prime source for prepping goods.

Do you have any other favorite “one-stop shop” prepping stores? Costco or Sam’s Club? Fleet Farm? Sound off in the comments and share.

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