If You Could Only Have 5 Guns


If You Could Only Have 5 Guns

I wouldn’t call it a meme or an ice bucket challenge thing exactly, but there’s a spate of “if you could only have five guns for the apocalypse” articles going around right now. It looks like it started with the Iraqveteran8888 video below, about selecting five guns for a “Red Dawn” scenario, then spread to Guns.com.

This one’s pretty easy for me, so I’ll go ahead and play. I think Guns.com’s format of carbine, handgun, shotgun, rifle, and rimfire is a solid load-out, so I’ll stick with that format. Also, I’m sticking to what’s in my safe — I’m not sure if that’s a rule, but that’s how I’m playing. I think it’s fair to mention stuff that isn’t in your safe if you specify that it isn’t.

1. Carbine: LMT CQB MRP Defender (piston AR-15)

It’s what’s in my safe, along with an LMT LM8, which is the lighter, “slick sides” direct impingement counterpart to the CQB MRP. There’s lots of parts interchangeability there, but if I was going to grab one and go it would probably be the piston gun. But boy would it be a tough decision.

The piston gun is a bit heavier and with more parts that can break, but there’s less lube and cleaning stuff to carry. The DI gun is lighter and I have a .300 BLK barrel for it that I can swap in pretty easily, but… Well, I don’t want to get into the piston vs. DI debate here because I go back and forth myself depending on the day. Today I’d grab the piston gun, but tomorrow it might be the DI gun. Either way, it’s good to have options.

2. Shogtun: Mossberg 590A1 Marine Edition

You’re either a Remington 870 guy or a Mossberg 5xx guy, and I’m the latter. I’ve got the marine model because it’s super corrosion resistant. It’s as scarce as hen’s teeth, so if you find one be sure to snag it.

3. Handgun: Springfield XD Mod.2

This is my 9mm pistol of choice. Feel free to substitute your own polymer framed pistol flavor–Glock, S&W, H&K, FN, or whoever else. Just don’t put a 1911 or a revolver in this spot unless you want a :rolleyes: from the peanut gallery.

4. Rifle: LMT LM8MWS in .308

LMT’s “slick sides” LMT LM8MWS is about as close as you can get to a bolt action in an AR-10 format, and yeah, I have one. If I didn’t have this, I might consider an LWRC REPR, an FN SCAR 17S, or (to go bolt-action) the new Ruger Precision Rifle that everyone and their uncle is flipping out over right now.

5. Rimfire: Ruger Mark III

I’ve got one of these tricked out with some Volquartsen upgrades, so it’s what I’d put in the rimfire slot. A close second would be a Ruger 10/22 Takedown, but I don’t yet have on of those.

Round 2 (Just One Gun)

If I had to narrow it to one gun, it would totally depend on the situation. If I need to conceal the firearm, I’m grabbing the Mark III because it’s the most versatile and I can carry a ton of ammo for it. If I can sling a long gun, I’m grabbing that LMT LM8MWS, because it’s a great battle rifle and sharpshooter rifle in one package. Although if I had a SCAR 17s, that might get the nod in favor of the LMT, mainly because the collapsible stock makes it a little more versatile in case I find myself indoors.

Those are are my picks. Sound off with yours in the comments.

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