One to Watch: Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III


One to Watch: Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III

It seems silly to bond with a tool, but gear guys and gals know that this definitely happens. Over time you know what it can do, how it works, and you come to rely on it. It’s your ready companion. You can tell, just by weight, that you have that tool on you. Enrique Muyshondt, one of the best custom light makers in the world, produces these tools exclusively.

The first Aeon was a small jewel of a light, the practically perfect everyday carry. It had a high of 110 lumens, a low of 30, and it ran forever on its small camera battery (a CR2). To change modes you simply twisted the head of the light. It was a wonderful change of pace from the fidgety twisty lights that dominated the market at the time. The one drawback, literally the only thing I could complain about, was the fact that the low was actually quite bright. I pined for an Aeon that could drop down into single digit lumens to preserve my night vision.

A few years later, after some shameless begging on my personal site, Enrique granted my wish and made my favorite light I own–the Mk. II Aeon. It had similar specs, but it also included a moonlight low, single digit lumen mode. The form factor remained, as did the amazing UI. This was, for me, the ideal EDC light. It was very expensive, but then Ferrari-level performance never comes cheap.

But some folks wanted an Aeon with more traditional features like a clicky and pocket clip. Two years later, Enrique has again granted their wish. On his Instagram feed he recently released renders and specs of the Aeon Mk.III. Here is an early render, courtesy of Enrique himself:

The light is a full overhaul. The dimensions are different–the body is a bit longer, but thinner. There is a clicky instead of the original UI. Finally, there is a friction fit pocket clip. Enrique did his usual emitter magic and squeezed out even more lumens, letting the Mk. III hit 200 lumens on high. From specs alone this will be a light that scratches an itch a lot of flashoholics have.

But that is not the end of the Mk. III story. Enrique has also revealed that he is working on special editions of the Mk. III that incorporate exotic metals. Traditionally Enrique has worked in aluminum and titanium, making incredibly tough lights capable of sawing through a traditional Maglight and still working, but this time he is going to produce lights in mokume gane and mokuti. These lights may as well literally be gems, as the contrasting colors and swirling patterns will make the lights look like nothing else out there. If you are in need of the ultimate pocket frosting, these might be it.

The Aeon has become one of those tools that is so familiar to me. It is my go to light and while it is, comparatively, an insanely pricey light, if you can treat yourself, it really is amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Mk. III.

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