Judge Says Open-Carry A-OK in Michigan Schools


Judge Says Open-Carry A-OK in Michigan Schools

Clio, MI – Legal open-carry of firearms is now legal on school grounds in the state of Michigan. Meanwhile, the school board concentrates on fighting it rather than on educating kids.

That’s my takeaway, anyhow.

A recent article reports that after a judge ruled in favor of Kenneth Herman and Michigan Open Carry, after they filed suit because he’d been prevented from entering school grounds to pick up his daughter. School employees allegedly barred Herman’s access on those occasions because he was openly carrying a handgun.

Personally, I don’t understand why Mr. Herman feels the need to advertise his firearm. I believe that it’s best to keep one’s handgun concealed, for many reasons. It prevents a bad guy from targeting you first in a violent crime, it prevents bad guys from knowing where potential threats may lie, it prevents folks from trying to steal your gun, and it prevents other people from freaking out.

But Michigan state law is a little odd. The article states that “State law allows people with concealed-pistol licenses to carry their firearms openly in schools.”

Why? Why not concealed? After all, the word is right there in the name. As Dad used to say, I don’t understand all I know about this.

One thing is certain: gun-free zones are simply unarmed victim zones, where violent criminals can feel safe and secure.

Clio Area School District superintendent Fletcher Spears seems to agree. He himself is licensed to carry concealed and says he supports concealed-carry in schools (legislation for which was passed but vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder), but he said, “Open carry does not have a place in the schools.”

Until the Michigan legislation and governor can get together on changing the law, though, it looks like he’s going to have to put up with it.

One day after the court ruling, the district’s board of education got together and voted unanimously to appeal the decision before the Michigan Court of Appeals.

My opinion is that the board of education’s best use of their resources would be to abide by the law, concentrate on schooling kids, and let lawmakers worry about making or changing the rules.

What do you think?

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