A Toddler With a Gun – in an Airport! Oh My!


A Toddler With a Gun – in an Airport! Oh My!

I wish I could say I’m surprised by this, but alas! Such moronitude has become the norm.

That’s right, folks. Even a plastic toy (whose shower-head muzzle makes it look more like a hose nozzle than a weapon) that is an imitation of a movie device whose purpose is to emit a cloud of noxious fart fumes gets taken away from a child by airport security.

Come on!

I mean, look at this thing. Does it look deadly to you? Given, a really nasty fart can feel fatal (especially in an enclosed space such as an airplane), but this is pretty dumb, if you ask me.

It’s properly called a Despicable Me Fart Blaster, and it’s designed to light up and emit the lovely sounds of flatulence.

What a world we live in.

And yeah, I can make the leap of imagination that says that someone could modify one of these things, take it apart and add internal parts to make it fire, leaving the outside to appear for all the world like an innocent child’s toy.

But things that fire ammo don’t have to look like guns or be shaped like guns. That’s why we submit to X-rays and body scanners–so that security geniuses can detect hidden guns and such.

Seems like X-raying the toy to confirm a lack of nefarious innards would have been less trouble than taking it away. Certainly it was no more work than confiscation, and then I wouldn’t be writing this now.

But the brainiacs to whom we entrust our safety have determined that “Toy guns and replica guns are on the prohibited items list… anything that is a replica gun with a trigger mechanism on it is listed as a prohibited item,” according to a spokesperson for Dublin Airport.


The spokesperson did say that the toy was “being kept safe at the airport for the family to pick up on their return.”

I can only hope that, upon reclaiming the Blaster, the tot torks out a rich and tangy poot for security to sniff up.

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