New Product: Mojo Dove


Experienced dove hunters know dove decoys are deadly effective for attracting birds, and innovative models with moving wings are the most appealing of all dove decoys.

The “Mojo Dove” by Mojo Outdoors is an offshoot of the highly effective “Mojo Duck,” and it works similarly. A “Mojo Dove” consists of a lifelike plastic dove decoy that accommodates a pair of lightweight PVC “wings,” light on one side, dark on the other. When a decoy is hooked up to a 6 battery, its wings spin and draw attention from mourning doves from long distances.

A “Mojo Dove” attaches to a 4-foot support pole, which can be secured to a fence post, tree or simply set out in the middle of a dove field. The unit is highly portable, weighs little, and hunters get all-day use from new batteries. The wings detach quickly from a decoy body, and the support pole breaks down into two pieces for convenient carrying.

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