A Dove Blind Made of Pot?


A Dove Blind Made of Pot?

Oklahoma – Wow. This story is fairly bizarre.

Oklahoma game wardens were alerted that someone was hunting doves out of season. Two days before the season opened, that is.

Officers approached the blind from the rear, they said.


We came in from behind. They didn’t know we were there until we were right there.

Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because they’d been smoking pot as they sat inside a blind that was made of marijuana plants!

No word on whether they asked the cops for munchies.

The wildlife officers found three men inside a blind, which they said was built “out of stalks of marijuana.”

They didn’t act startled, but they did act like they may have had a concern or two.

The three guys were hunting over bait and reportedly had 45 doves, marijuana buds, and a pipe in their possession.

I suppose if you’re going to break one law, you might as well go for the gold. Hunting out of season, over bait, with weed to hide you and more cannabis to burn.

These doves and dove parts were taken from the poachers.
These doves and dove parts were taken from the poachers.

While all three were brought up on multiple charges, just one was arrested. Apparently he had an outstanding warrant, and when game wardens followed him home so he could provide identification, they found more contraband.

‘The wardens then obtained a search warrant and with the help of deputies from the Major County Sheriff’s Office found more marihuana, methamphetamines and needles,’ the department stated.

Also found at the house were the illegal-to-posses fan and talons of a hawk.

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