Shoot-and-Release Hunting?


Shoot-and-Release Hunting?

A recent blog post claims, “Ethical Hunter Throws Duck He Shot Back Into Sky.”

Taking care to restore the bird to its natural habitat in a timely manner, ethical hunter Rick Streeter threw a mallard duck back into the sky Monday shortly after shooting it, sources confirmed. ‘I’m only into hunting for the sport, so every time I shoot a duck, I make sure to toss him back into his home up in the air once I’m done,’ said Streeter after gently lobbing the downed duck skyward, stressing that the compassionate practice of shoot-and-release allowed him to enjoy the thrill of the hunt while ensuring that the waterfowl could return to its airborne life after a brief, temporary inconvenience.

I have to say, it’s a unique approach to bird hunting.

Streeter noted, however, that even the most skilled hunter occasionally fails to release a duck in time, thereby causing the bird to sink down to the bottom of the sky.


(Note: This is only a joke. After writing about murder and mayhem, I’m really feeling the need to lighten up a little.)

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