How to Get Un-Stuck by Yourself with Trac-Grabbers.


How to Get Un-Stuck by Yourself with Trac-Grabbers.

Ever get your vehicle stuck? I sure have, and I sure could have used something like this at the time.

The Trac-Grabber is a rubber block that straps to your vehicle’s tire and wheel to create a protrusion on your tire. When your treads fill with mud or snow and can’t gain purchase to claw their way out of a slick situation, strapping one of these rubber bars to each of your drive wheels can make the difference between staying stuck and driving yourself out of a hole.

It’s an age-old solution. We have all seen folks strapping or tying logs and such to tractor wheels or truck tires so they could claw their way out of a jam, but this looks like it’s easy to store and carry along, easy to install, and a lot handier than finding a hunk of tree to lasso to your wheel. And it sure does beat using a winch or comealong or waiting for someone to come along to drag you out.

I kinda like it.

The first video below is from the manufacturer, and the other is a test by someone who was given a couple sets to try out in the Colorado snow.

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