Non-Concealed Carry Gun Stolen in Wal-Mart Bathroom – Because it Wasn’t Concealed


Non-Concealed Carry Gun Stolen in Wal-Mart Bathroom – Because it Wasn’t Concealed

There are many excellent reasons to carry a gun, and almost no reasons at all for a citizen to carry one openly. After all, that’s what led to this open-carry guy getting his nice new pistol stolen from him.

When your gun is exposed, people know that you have a gun. Why is that bad? Because it freaks out the watery-eyed wimps, yes, but more importantly because it makes you a target. So, do your best to actually conceal that concealed handgun so you don’t end up like this guy.

“This guy” is a 25-year-old who strode into Wal-Mart with a Springfield XD 40 crammed into his waistband at the small of his back. Later, he shuffled out without it.

His shirt only partially covered his firearm, so it was easily visible to a pair of miscreants.

While one bad guy waited outside, another followed the victim into the Wal-Mart bathroom, where he clobbered the gun’s owner, knocked him down, and took away his pistol.

Then he pointed the gun at its former owner and instructed him to leave. Afterward, bad guys one and two reunited and left in a dark van, according to video surveillance recordings.

One of the two was arrested the next day, “loitering around the Jackson County Jail.” Nice.

No sign of the other guy, nor of our victim’s gun.

Keep your guns concealed, folks, and pay better attention to your surroundings than this guy did.

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