8-year-old Girl Allegedly Murdered by Neighborhood Parents


8-year-old Girl Allegedly Murdered by Neighborhood Parents

…or at least that’s how the headline would read in a sane world.

I’m assuming that by now you’ve read the story of an 11-year-old boy who allegedly got in an argument with his eight-year-old neighbor over a puppy and subsequently shot and killed her with a shotgun. All the headlines focus on the fact that the boy is in custody for murder, but my question is, “Why are the parents not in lock-up and facing murder charges?”

Seriously, the parents are at fault here. They left a firearm and ammo within reach of an unattended minor. For God’s sake people, lock up your guns.

In addition to the fact that this is a horrible tragedy that was totally avoidable, stories like this provide plenty of ammo for the anti-gun crowd.

As a father and a gun owner, stories like this enrage me. So again I say, if the murder weapon belongs to the parents of the alleged shooter, then those people should be locked up. They should be made an example of, and some prosecutor should throw the book at them.

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