Obama’s Oregon Welcome – Not


Obama’s Oregon Welcome – Not

A couple days ago, the current resident of the White House took a trip to Oregon. As you may recall, Oregon is where the most recent sensational murder took place–one which Mr. Obama crassly classified as “something we should politicize” in order to steal more rights from us Americans.

There can be no doubt that his recent trip to Oregon was meant to politicize the heinous acts of a murderer, minimizing the humanity of his victims by using their deaths as a fulcrum to gain needed leverage to further dislodge our nation’s foundation–namely, the Constitution.

As it turned out, Obama’s welcoming committee was anything but welcoming.


Some protesters were quoted in a short article here.

By coming here, Obama is going to politicize a tragedy by saying that you have to have gun control,” George Starr said as he held a small American flag.

It’s not that we are bloodthirsty, it’s that we want to protect ourselves and our families.


‘I’m here to tell Obama he is not welcome in our county. He is exploiting the local tragedy with his gun control agenda,’ said Bruce Rester, a retired truck driver who was wearing a handgun in a holster over his chest.

‘Everybody should carry a gun. An armed society is a polite society.’

Let’s hope the rest of the nation can stand as strongly against assaults on our rights.

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