When TSHTF, Bring on the “Party Favors”


When TSHTF, Bring on the “Party Favors”

The conservative radio show moderator Kim Wade had a caller phone in this week discussing all the pre-SHTF evidence as it develops. In the process of this guy detailing this government action or that targeting the demise of America, much of it only believed by “paranoid” preppers, he made the statement that the “Party” was coming.

By that statement I can only assume he was postulating that at some point the real Americans were going to rise up in some kind of populist revolt against an anti-constitutional government. The gun rights issue is often pointed out at the last straw that could break the proverbial camel’s back. These are real issues that preppers and concerned citizens are constantly monitoring.

Aside from all this philosophical discussion about SHTF coming or not, the caller mentioned that if and when the party might come, he had his “Party Favors” ready to go. That statement is what piqued my interest. You can assess for yourself what the caller might have meant, but for survivalists and preppers, I am asking the question, what “Party Favors” you might assemble to have ready to go.

Going one step further, you might want to read Michael Savage’s book “The Coming Civil War” for a similar type of discussion of evidences that could point to civil unrest that might eventually develop in this country. Certainly these are things to think about for discussion around the bug out campfire.

Seriously I don’t think anybody is inviting civil unrest to take place in this country. However, riots have broken out due to a variety of incidents such as in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore. When this happens neighborhoods get threatened with destruction and personal harm comes to people not even involved in the incident. You have to be ready to protect yourself, family, and property if it comes to that. Police are not always available.

Party Favors then would certainly include several basic self-defense type firearms and ample ammunition to protect your interests. First on the list would likely be a good shotgun, pump or semi-auto in 12 or even a 20-gauge. Next would be a sidearm or two or three of the same type, configuration, caliber, magazine use, and carry rigs. A defense rifle might be useful.

Be sure to have fire extinguishers and supplies to outlast the riots.

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