South African Battle: Rhino vs. Cape Buffalo (Video)


South African Battle: Rhino vs. Cape Buffalo (Video)


A rhinoceros and a cape buffalo, two extremely dangerous and powerful African animals, have a showdown in the video below.

The video begins with the animals head-to-head, and the buffalo backs away from the rhino.

The action finally starts around 1:10, and we soon see that the rhino is the more aggressive of the two–and incredibly strong. It lifts the buffalo off the ground more than once.

As a man’s voice says in the video, the buffalo is coming off second-best.

The fight moves over, and we see multiple buffalo approaching the fray. Will they gang up on the rhino to help their relative, who has by now been pierced multiple times by the rhino’s sharp horn?

When the injured buffalo’s kin finally close in and make contact, though, they’re seen harassing HIM instead of the rhino. I didn’t see that coming. Perhaps he was unpopular with the herd.

When the rhino relents a little, just past the three-minute mark, the buffalo moves towards it rather than giving in. From what I’ve read of these animals, that’s typical: aggression before retreat.

When it finally does retreat, the rhino chases it a good ways before letting off. At that point, the other buffalo gather ’round to harass and dominate the badly injured bull.

Its ultimate fate is left untold, and the last time we see the buffalo, the victim is on its feet again–but looking none too good.

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