Do Crossdraw Holsters Work for Concealed Carry?


Do Crossdraw Holsters Work for Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry modes seem to be concentrated on IWB or OWB carry formats. I don’t want any pistol carried inside my pants and am not too crazy about many of the outside the waistband holsters either. Though I know many in law enforcement or other security positions that require such carry, I note that many of them complain about the comfort factors of carrying concealed.

If you have ever tried to carry a pistol all day in a holster fitted inside the belt of your pants. then you know what I mean. Then try to sit in a car seat or at a work desk with this same set up. While standing or walking, these carry methods do not seem to be too bad, but sitting is another matter.

To my way of thinking, even carrying a concealed weapon outside the pants belt has its comfort issues, too. When I do carry, I use one of the slip in the pocket pistol sleeve “holsters.” It is not ideal either as the weight and bulk of even a small pistol wears on you after a while.

It occurred to me recently that maybe I should revisit the crossdraw carry for concealed carry. But that type of handgun position as concealed is problematic, and I can hear the dissenters now.

I fell in love long ago with the crossdraw carry when using handguns for deer hunting. In practice, afield the crossdraw carry is the most comfortable mode of carry I have found. Whether sitting in a vehicle, on an ATV, or in a tree stand, the crossdraw presents the easiest way to draw the weapon as any holster configuration there is.

I have Model 111 Bianchi crossdraw belt holsters for every hunting revolver I use. I also have a large nylon chest carry crossdraw for my scoped Redhawk and a Smith 460 hunting handgun. Then I have had two custom built Diamond D Custom Leather Guide’s Choice chest crossdraw holsters made up in Wasilla, Alaska. These are shoulder rigs that position the holster right in front over the chest for super quick access.

Now I know these chest carry rigs require the use of a coat for any type of concealment, but the belt carry crossdraws are easier to conceal. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this!

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