30-point Non-Typical Whitetail – Doe!


30-point Non-Typical Whitetail – Doe!

This critter was taken a few years back, but it’s still notable.

We’ve talked here about this phenomenon before: a doe with antlers, that is. It seems that about one in every 4,500 does might have antlers, but this one is something else.

Most deer hunters have dreamed of seeing a big non-typical buck with points galore. Imagine bagging one with 30 points!

Now imagine that the buck is a doe.

The deer was reportedly taken by Richard Lomas in Illinois, and the hunter didn’t realize he’d taken a doe until he dropped it off at a processor.

Lomas says he has been offered thousands of dollars for the atypical mount from outdoor outfitters like Bass Pro and Cabela’s. He hasn’t made up his mind yet on what to do with the strange doe.


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