Record-High Gun Sales Prove Americans Want Liberty


Record-High Gun Sales Prove Americans Want Liberty

Anti-freedom politicos such as current White House residents and (ick) Hillary Clinton are well-known for hating our gun rights here in the USA. They continue to try and try again to further restrict that which “shall not be infringed,” but which has been steadily infringed for generations.

There was a time when buying a gun was simple and easy. And in free states, that can still be the case if one individual is buying from another. But if a gun transfer goes through a dealer, one must submit to a NICS background check.

This check is useless as far as preventing criminals from buying guns, but it is great for the government. They can track how many new guns are bought in the USA, where, and by whom. And this system is showing that the American people are not at all interested in bowing down to accept martial law from its government, nor are they willing to sit meekly by and wait like sheep for another brutal jihadist blood-letting.

Yep–according to the FBI, October of 2015 saw the sixth consecutive month in which background checks exceeded all previous records.

Naturally, many of the guns being purchased will be used for hunting and/or personal defense. But more and more, Americans are looking around at the unarmed populaces of other nations (nations that our “ruling class” would love to use as blueprints for the USA) and realizing that they need guns to protect themselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

According to an article in the Washington Free Beacon, the very folks who keep pushing for gun confiscation are most responsible for awakening Americans’ urge to arm themselves.

‘Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the best gun salespeople on the planet. The more they scream for new gun control laws the more guns walk off the shelves at gun stores,’ said Alan Gottlieb, the head of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Keep up the good work, America. Buy more guns and never, ever give them up.

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