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The secret to concealed carry is that the weapon has to remain concealed, and the obvious choices for carrying a pistol hidden on your person is to go with a holster inside the pants waistband or to fit one on your best and wear it outside the pants. Either way, the holster and gun need to be hidden from public view both for legal reasons and for the main reason of keeping the handgun concealed until it is needed.

There is a lot more to this carry style, though, than meets the casual eye. Recent materials I have been researching discuss all of the strategies and tactics for maintaining a low visibility as a gun carrying person. This goes further not only in the clothing choices to help hide your concealed carry gun, but also in projecting an image that will not draw attention to yourself in the process.

I know you have seen many movies or TV shows where the guy walks up to people in a room or on the street and immediately somebody says “cop.” Right? So, how do they so quickly recognize the person as law enforcement, even though this is just Hollywood? This is what you want to avoid by walking down the street, shopping at the grocery store, attending church, or just minding your own business out in public.

Carrying concealed seems to automatically imply that the carry mode is going to be covered up no matter what. The only way I can figure to do that well enough is with a shirt that is worn out of the pants that drapes over the holstered gun. A suit coat, sports jacket, or windbreaker type jacket can work, too, if you make sure it does not reveal your carry option if the coat is open or drawn back such as when reaching in your pocket for something.

And speaking of pockets, there are now a variety of pants pocket sleeve type “holsters” that you can insert a small carry pistol into then slide the whole unit down into your pants pocket. The materials are usually of a “sticky” nature to keep the sleeve from sliding around. This is another concealed carry option.

Furthermore when out in public, just maintain a low profile. Avoid being the type that has to draw attention to themselves. I see these types at gun shows a lot. If you carry concealed, you should be the only one that knows it.

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