Pro Tip: Liqui-Tube Tire Sealant


Pro Tip: Liqui-Tube Tire Sealant

It is a real bummer to have a flat tire on an ATV or any outlands vehicle when you are miles from help. Trust me, I know. I have been there, and the walk back to camp was not fun. That problem has now been solved with a single bottle of LiquiTube tire sealant that we keep in camp with a plug-in air pump to restore tire pressure.

This liquid material in a bottle is touted as the original liquid inner tube. It is different and much better than the usual tire fix in a can that is usually only a one time repair. The parent company Best Designs has decades of success and development efforts in making the best tire sealants for construction and landscaping equipment.

LiquiTube is by my description an industrial grade tire sealant, but it is certainly not limited to heavy equipment. If you have a tire that is flat, this stuff will repair it. It is good for farming tractors and equipment, hauling trailers, logging, trucking, and all kinds of recreational vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, RVs, boat trailers, and such.

Easily installed through the removed tire valve stem, this material coats all the inner surfaces of the tire and rim to prevent all forms of air loss, including rim, bead, and porosity leaks. It can seal punctures up to ¼ inch in light duty standard ply tires and up to ¾ inch in heavier ply tires.

LiquiTube is a permanent repair that coats evenly and does not settle to the bottom of the tire when not in motion. It remains effective in temperature ranges of -45 degrees F to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you insert the liquid into the tire and add tire pressure, the pressure forces the material fibers and plastics into the punctures and leaks. When the tire hits the ground and begins to flex as usual, then only further packs the material fibers into the sources of the leak, creating a permanent seal. Furthermore, LiquiTube remains pliable in the bottle with an indefinite shelf life.

LiquiTube can be ordered on line at ESI Supply at While on their web site, be sure to check out their inventory of many other useful products to survivalists, preppers, industrial operators, and others in need of quality supplies and gear.

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