The Braverman “Stinger” Pen Gun (Video)


The Braverman “Stinger” Pen Gun (Video)

Here’s another interesting firearm video from Forgotten Weapons. It’s a pistol that was patented in 1990 that is “disguised” as a pen or tire pressure gauge, but it’s NOT classified by BATF as an AOW (any other weapon) because it had to be “folded into a vaguely gun-like shape before it could be fired.”

Stinger Pen Gun
Stinger Pen Gun

These all-stainless-steel firearms were available in 22 LR, 22 WMR (22 magnum), 25 ACP, 32 ACP, and 380 Auto (with a conversion). It was not recommended that you shoot the 380 very much, since the gun really couldn’t handle it.

It’s bigger than the pens we’re used to these days, but it reminds me of the big fat metal marking pens Dad used to use at work, which had replaceable felt tips and had to be refilled with ink.

Loading isn’t exactly speedy. It’s a single-shot firearm, and you have to unscrew the barrel from the gun in order to load or unload it.

To fire it, you have to pull and fold it, rotate a safety, and pull the trigger. Not super fast, but possibly better than using a rock.

The inventiveness of people, especially gun people, is always impressive to me. Check out the video for more details.

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