Elderly Man Saved from Knife-Wielding Attacker by Armed Citizens


Elderly Man Saved from Knife-Wielding Attacker by Armed Citizens

Gwinnett County, GA – Thank God for armed citizens. There’s no telling how many lives have been saved, how many crimes prevented, by everyday people who choose to carry firearms.

Here’s an example.

As Karen Duncan walked up the driveway of a friend, she reportedly heard a man calling out: “Help, he is trying to kill me, help me, help me!”

So, she did.

She hurried to her friend’s door to alert him to the situation, then took off in the direction of the calls, having drawn her concealed handgun. She soon found a grisly scene.

‘As I got closer I realized that there is this elderly gentleman laying on the ground with a younger man on top of him with a knife,’ said Duncan.  ‘I see blood and this big old knife.’

The victim was roughly 90 years of age, and the younger man was trying to stab the old gent. Duncan ordered the scumbag to stop, and was ignored–until she said these six magic words:

I’m getting ready to shoot you.

That got his attention, and he tossed the knife away and complied with orders from Duncan and her friend Ron Childress. The bad guy lay harmlessly spread-eagled on the ground, held at gunpoint until police arrived.

A much better situation than straddling an old man while trying to slice him up, and all because some good citizens owned guns, carried guns, and were willing to use them for good.

Childress, a former law enforcement officer, had this to say about armed citizens:

You cannot protect everybody, police can’t do it, they’re good after the fact, but they’re no good to you when it happens generally. They’re not going to be there so you need to be ready to protect yourself and others because what happened yesterday is a perfect example of how a citizen can protect other citizens.

Well said, Mr. Childress. And well done, Ms. Duncan.

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