Mossy Oak Camo Jewelry. Really?


Mossy Oak Camo Jewelry. Really?

I recently received a press release for camouflage jewelry. Offered by The Jewelry Source, these rings come with or without jewels and in a variety of camo patterns.

My first thought was, “Really? Who would buy that?” But then I remembered that lots of folks will buy anything as long as it has camo.


The press release claims that they’re pretty popular:

It’s not often that we see a company that takes the hunting world by storm, as well as the fashion industry. The Jewelry Source has done just that with their ‘Made In The USA’ Camo wedding rings and accessories. The marriage of Mossy Oak brand Camo and state-of-the-art ring technology have caused outdoor lovers to flock to its online jewelry store in droves.

The recent expansion of Mossy Oak Camo Engagement Rings has been met with open arms by couples looking to tie the knot. Offered in all Mossy Oak Camo patterns, the bride and groom can find the camouflage that not only expresses their unique style sense, but also their love for each other and the outdoors.

I wonder how durable the camo finish is and how long it will last.

Mossy Oak engagement rings
Mossy Oak engagement rings

Another excerpt from the press release:

Recently, the most popular Mossy Oak Camo patterns for engagement rings have been Duck Blind, Pink Break-Up, and Obsession, set with quarter carat (.25ct), half carat (.50ct), and one carat (1ct) diamonds and gemstones.

I would like to suggest that selecting any version of Mossy Oak Break-Up may doom your marriage–just saying.

There’s a wide array of camo jewelry available, much more than I expected. Heck, you can even get camouflage heart pendants.

Camouflage pendant jewelry
Camouflage pendant jewelry

So what do you think? Good idea? Would you wear it? Let us know in the comments below.

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