The Lucid L7 1×6 Optic at the 2016 SHOT Show


The Lucid L7 1×6 Optic at the 2016 SHOT Show

Over the past few years, Lucid Optics have earned a reputation among shooters as a good value for the money. The relatively inexpensive red dots and magnified optics may not be mil-spec but serve most shooters well.

The L7 seems targeted to 3-Gun competitors and other shooters who want the ability to quickly change magnification on the fly. With an expected retail price of $400, the Lucid unit comes in under its competitors in this niche.

The Lucid L7 is so new I was not able to find it on the company’s website or find a spec sheet on the web. Watch the video for more info on the specs and features from a Lucid company rep.

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