Want A CMP M1 Carbine? Better Get in Line Now


Want A CMP M1 Carbine? Better Get in Line Now

A few days ago the Civilian Marksmanship Program announced they had a small number of USGI M1 Carbines for sale through mail order, and that a “small number” would be available in their two stores in Port Clinton, Ohio and Anniston, Alabama.

Today the CMP sent the following update which they also posted on the CMP Facebook page.

“CMP M1 Carbine Release in CMP Stores

M1 Carbines will be released in our stores in Anniston, Alabama, and Port Clinton, Ohio, on Thursday, February 4. Since our mail orders sold out in one day, we thought it would be wise to notify our store customers that there will be less than 35 full M1 Carbines in each store. This is the extremely limited quantity referenced in our previous email. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. No rifles will be held. Please bring all necessary paperwork with you to the store. No agent purchases.

Visit the CMP website for Ordering Information and Order Forms.

Thank you,
Mark Johnson, Chief Operating Officer”

The CMP is selling Service Grade M1 Carbines for $685 and Field Grade M1 Carbines for $625. With only 35 M1 Carbines available in each store they will surely sell out within minutes of the stores opening. This is likely the last time the CMP will have M1 Carbines for sale, so the 70 people lucky enough to grab one at the CMP stores will get “The last of the last.”

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