Special Considerations for Senior Preppers


Special Considerations for Senior Preppers

Old age catches up to all of us living long enough to experience it. I am getting there. Still my age and even health considerations do not incline me to simply toss in the towel. I am a prepper for all intents and purposes, but I have come to realize there are some special common sense considerations to maintain as we get older.

First and foremost maintain the highest level of good health you can. If you have medical conditions, attend to them. See your medical doctor on a regular basis. If you have to take medications to maintain your health, then do not fool yourself into thinking you can skip this. This is especially the case with maladies such as diabetes, heart conditions, and other life threatening situations. Take care of those.

Likewise if there are meds or medical supplies you need, stock up on those to the extent that you can. With insurance limitations, it can be difficult to acquire extra medications, but if you approach your doctor right, he might help you build up a supply. Think of these needs as you fabricate a bug in or out medical bag.

Remember, too, that as you age your physical limitations increase. You become more prone to pulling muscles by doing some kinds of simple work, even yard work. Sometimes balance becomes an issue. You simply have to learn to slow down, pre-assess situations, then go slow when working through some kinds of problems or issues that arise. Be patient and ask for help when it is really needed.

Security awareness is a big issue for seniors, too. As you age even things like shooting, loading, and handling firearms can become difficult, especially if you have arthritis. Pick firearms you can still manipulate easily. I have counseled many older citizens on gun choices, so I know these issues exist.

Security around the house and out in public is important as well. Get a routine for locking up every night. Check the doors and get a security system if you can afford one. Maintain your awareness out in public shopping or going about your business. Seniors can be easy targets so don’t become one. Lock your car when inside and grip your purse tight going from the lot into a store. Keep your eyes peeled. Just because you are gaining in age does not mean you cannot be a successful survivor.

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