Coke Bottle Gatling Gun that Fires Arrows (Video)


Coke Bottle Gatling Gun that Fires Arrows (Video)

I have to admit, when I first checked out the first of the following two videos, I felt let down. After all, the title promised sweet action by calling it a Gatling Gun, but when you watch it, you’ll see that it doesn’t quite deliver on that promise. Still, I was smiling at the end after watching the guy demonstrate a single-shot arrow-shooter powered by a pressurized Coke bottle (yes, you read that correctly) and going from there to a six-shot revolver built on the same principle, then ironing out some kinks and really getting a kick out of it. I found his glee infectious.

First Gatling vid:

Then I spotted the sequel, entitled “Arrow Hailstorms: Full Auto Coke Bottle Gatling.” Angels sang! But, oddly, they sang in German. Hmmm.

Fully automatic, can be fired semi-auto, burst, or sure-nuff full auto. And my oh my does it make him happy!

Enjoy, my friends.

Full auto Coke bottle arrow gatling:

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