Willy’s Jeep Tribute, to the Tune of “Burning Bridges” (Video)


Willy’s Jeep Tribute, to the Tune of “Burning Bridges” (Video)

Want to see a World War 2 Jeep assembly line? Jeeps performing crazy off-road feats? A Jeep towing a glider? Towing a small trailer in terrible terrain? A Jeep crossing a river on a zip line? A floating Jeep being paddled across a river (I ain’t kidding)?

How about an endless stream or boundless field of nothing but Jeeps? Kinda makes a Jeep guy’s mouth water and he starts to get misty…

Loading Jeeps into an airplane, amphibious Jeeps driving themselves through deep water, stretchers hanging off the side reminiscent of the old M*A*S*H TV show…

Then we move beyond the military to see the civilian Jeep. The three-point hitch on the back makes a tractor guy like me pretty happy! Hunters like me automatically imagine using a Jeep to plow food plots.

Heck, it’s even shown towing airplanes and cars, plowing snow, and getting airborne more often than seems advisable.


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