Marlin 1897 Lever Action Bicycle Rifle (Video)


Marlin 1897 Lever Action Bicycle Rifle (Video)

Built as a take down version of Marlin’s 1892(ish) lever action 22 rimfire rifle, this 16″ barrel version of the 1897 was called a “bicycle rifle” in advertisements and was even shown with an illustration of a specialized case that strapped to the frame of a bicycle.


Marlin factory records indicate that a mere 216 of these particular guns were sold.

While the 22 LR (long rifle) is what most of us use these days in our 22s, things weren’t always that way. Many older 22 firearms would function with short (S), long (L), or long rifle (LR), and this gun will, too.


The video gives us a pretty good look at the internals of this rifle, the same basic design that’s still used today in the Marlin Model 39.


Wish you owned this rifle? You can bid on it until Feb 28, 2016. Good luck!

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