Time a Florida Wild Hog Hunt


Time a Florida Wild Hog Hunt

Wild pig populations in the U.S. may be as high as several million animals. Unlike most other big game, pigs breed year-round, and one mature sow can have as many as 20 young in a year. A pig also can grow to 100 pounds in 12 months. This ability to overpopulate can be a pain to landowners who don’t keep pig populations in check.

While hogs are fun to hunt and their meat is delicious on the dinner table, they can be extremely destructive. Hogs eat almost everything, and their tenacity for rooting roads, culverts, and farm crops does not endear them to many landowners. This leaves the door open to many hunters who are only too happy to help property owners thin pig numbers, as swine are a great off-season, target-rich quarry.

The interest in hunting hogs has grown big in recent years, and there are plenty of Dixie lodges and clubs offering fee hunting opportunities, often at very modest rates.

Paul McGowen’s “Zero Tolerance Hunting Club” (phone 352-5588-4142) near Williston, Florida is one such area hunting spot offering daily fee hog hunting. Pigs can be taken with gun and bow, year-round, stalking, from stands, and with canines. It’s all free-chase sport, and it can get wild and exciting, since some 300-pound porkers roam the place.

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