Bailing Out: a Quick Fix for Re-Rigging a Spinning Rod and Reel


Bailing Out: a Quick Fix for Re-Rigging a Spinning Rod and Reel

When was the last time you strung up a spinning outfit and forgot to place the fishing line behind the reel bail pick-up before threading line through guides and tying on your favorite leader, terminal tackle rig, or lure?

It happens to everyone, and of course it makes a spinning outfit impossible to cast. So after mumbling a few choice words, most anglers break off the lure, unstring the rod, put the line behind the spinning reel bail, and then restring the rod and set up the lure a second time.

But there’s a better, faster, and much easier way to remedy this common rigging headache with spinning gear.

Here’s what to do.

1) Here’s the problem; fishing line not behind a spinning reel bail, so casting is impossible.


2) To remedy, first remove the reel spool, either the drag knob turn type (shown here) or the clip-spin spool variety.

3) The spool must be completely removed from the spinning reel spindle.


4) Now open the reel bail as you would when making a cast with the outfit.


5) Put the spool back on the spindle.


6) Close the reel bail.


7) Secure the spool by screwing on the drag knob.


8) Voila, the line is now behind the reel bail pick-up and you’re ready for casting and fishing. There’s no need to clip off a lure, unstring the rod, then restring it and tie on the lure.


Fast, simple, and you’ll feel pretty smart, too.

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