Fishing for Catfish Without a Rod or Net (Video)


Fishing for Catfish Without a Rod or Net (Video)

I’ve seen some odd things while fishing. As a young ‘un, I fished a back yard lake with a neighbor and witnessed him catch a bass on a bare hook. But I’ve never seen fish teeming like the ones in the video below. It’s incredible.

The guy dips a big hunk of meat (it’s actually a tattered leg from some critter, maybe a hog) into the water. After waiting a few seconds for the swarming fish to get hold of it, he simply pulls it out of the water and gives it a sideways flip, sending the catfish flying up onto the ground.

A companion gathers the fish and bags them up.

When the wriggling critters seem like they might make it back into the water, our barefoot hero simply strolls around, kicking them away from the water’s edge.

Barefoot! Kicking catfish! I’d be stabbed with a fin for sure if I tried that.

Have you ever seen anything like this? (Give the video a few seconds to load.)

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