Extreme Close-Up Alabama Turkey Hunt (Video)


Extreme Close-Up Alabama Turkey Hunt (Video)

Spring turkey season is coming up, and that has guys like me itching to hit the woods in pursuit of gobblers. So I guess it’s only natural for us to be drawn to turkey hunting videos at times like this. Call it voyeurism if you must.

Among the videos, I have seen a number of them with hunters sneaking up on turkeys (in plain sight!) by crawling along behind a gobbler decoy with a fanned tail. I never would have believed it could be done, but so many folks have gotten away with it that they can’t all be hunting tame birds.

The most popular of these decoys seems to be the Mojo Scoot & Shoot. Mojo also has a Tail Chaser model, which has a lightweight fan you can clamp to your gun barrel.

This hunt is a good one. This guy crawls out into a field where three big strutting gobblers are displaying their wares for a bunch of hens–and none of the birds get spooked. On the contrary, before you know it, one of the gobblers strolls up within spitting distance of the hunter as he hunkers behind the scantest of cover.

“I could have hit him with my gun barrel.”

The big tom spots the hunter and runs, but he’s just not fast enough to get away from a 12 gauge.

I might have to get me one of these decoys. What do you think? Have any of y’all tried it? Sound off in the comments below.

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