Pets Should Have a Place in Your SHTF Planning


Pets Should Have a Place in Your SHTF Planning

Pets have been proven by research time and time again to be a true comforting factor for human beings. Pets are regularly taken to retirement homes to share love with retired seniors that may be lacking some kinsman ship separate from relationships with fellow humans. Pets have been shown to lower stress, lower high blood pressure, and foster well-being.

In terms of a prepper pet, these animals do not have to be workers, but they can be. One of the TV programs on living in Alaska shows the frontier families using dogs for pulling snow sleds and helping around with other tasks. Dogs can help herd livestock, provide security and protection, and pull other duties. This is certainly an option.

Mainly I think of my dog simply in terms of the shared love. My pooch gives me a big hug and kiss when I get home from work every day. She is fun to have around, playing tug-o-war with her toys, and lying in the lap watching television or reading. I take her on walks, which exercises us both. All dogs love it outside, smelling, sniffing, and peeing on everything.

Pets of course do have some special considerations under survival situations or SHTF. They do require care and maintenance. They will have to have food supplies of their own. Usually their hygiene requirements are minimal depending on the breed, but combing, brushing, and bathing will be needed. Regular vet care will be required under normal circumstances. They need protection and care from outside elements, too.

Pets give a wonderful payback. They are just a good thing to have around to enjoy and share lonely times with. Survival is tough enough as it is, but having a pet around can yield a positive benefit.

What pets have you acquired with prepping in mind? (I’m not talking about livestock, per se, but actual pets.) If your choice is a dog, what breed is your go-to? And if it’s not a dog, then what’s wrong with you… er, I mean, what did you pick and why?

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