Direct Action Tactics


Direct Action Tactics

The term “direct action” is nothing new. You can Wiki it and get a full explanation and historical overview of its implications. As survivalists and preppers though, maybe it is time to learn how to engage in such actions to protect our own interests, security, and holdings. Sometimes we just have to step up to the plate to defend our positions and rights.

I have a nosy guy in my residential neighborhood. He is retired so everybody’s business has unofficially become his business. He rides around the streets in his van with his big attack dog (which is really a big baby when his wife walks him) looking at everyone’s property trying to catch anybody breaking the neighborhood covenants. Really it is none of his business.

Once I had my daughter’s vehicle sitting in my driveway off the street with a “For Sale” sign in the window. This guy stops, gets out of his van, and walks across my property to tell me I can’t have a car for sale sitting in my driveway. You can only imagine my response, which I cannot print here. I very directly and quite impolitely told him to get his keister off my property and to stay the blank-blank out of my business.

The point is, a time will come during a SHTF, blackout, storm aftermath, or other event when we will absolutely have to stand our ground. It might be as simple as telling off a bothersome neighbor or brushing a shirt tail aside to display a concealed firearm with earnest. It is going to happen.

Now none of us are hopefully going to go out of our way to start trouble. But then sometimes you have to nip it in the bud before it starts. This is a mindset that preppers are going to have to adopt whether they like it or not. It is like getting bad service at the drive-thru window, at a fancy restaurant, a car garage, or any business where we are spending our hard earned money. We expect to be treated fairly, honestly, and to get what we paid for.

Otherwise we become the abused victim. During a SHTF event that could become life threatening. We have to learn to stand up for our rights, then defend them.

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